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    The Random Oasis is the home for unique art photography and gifts.

  • What is Random Oasis?

    Random Oasis started way back in 2001 as simply my screen name. It was the AOL age and I wanted a name that did not have a number associated with it.


    Over the years, it has evolved from a simple chat room name to a truly defining brand. It has truly become an oasis for the random things that I do.


    Everything from art photography to digital portraits, jewelry and soon-to-be-available handmade notebooks, all made and designed my me, is available under this header. 

    Who is Deborah Connor?

    I am many things: photographer, actor, designer, artist, but over all of that I am a Christian. I'm still trying to learn to put God first, but that's something I'll be working on for a very long time.


    I am truly one of those quirky, artistic-types. I am involved in at least 4 different creative ventures at all times. Currently, I'm working on careers in voiceover, photography and graphic design, as well as a new geek web series with one of my best friends. (Check out A Couple of Geek Girls on Youtube.)



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    I am constantly on the lookout for new projects. Please contact me to discuss your needs, whether it's a large order, a custom design, or a photo shoot.