• Photography and Gifts

    The Random Oasis is the home for unique art photography and gifts.

  • What is Random Oasis?

    Random Oasis started way back in 2001 as simply my screen name. It was the AOL age and I wanted a name that did not have a number associated with it.


    Over the years, it has evolved from a simple chat room name to a truly defining brand. It has truly become an oasis for the random things that I do.


    Everything from photography to digital portraits, short videos and other goodies, all made and designed by me, is available under this header.


    It's also soon to become my Production Banner, but that is definitely still in the early stages.


    I didn't call it Random Oasis for nothing.

    Who is Deborah Connor?

    I am many things: photographer, actor, designer, artist, but over all of that I am a Christian. I'm still trying to learn to put God first, but that's something I'll be working on for a very long time.


    I am truly one of those quirky, artistic-types. I am involved in at least 4 different creative ventures at all times. Currently, I'm working on careers in acting (primarily voiceover right now), photography and graphic design, as well as starting my own YouTube channel. (Check out Random Oasis over there too...)


    If you're looking for my acting information, check out DeborahConnor.com

  • Logo Design

    Let’s find something to represent you to the world.


    This was a well-deserved nickname for my client, and she was looking for an eye-catching logo to go along with it. By combining lines of computer code with a classic profile and a bright pink, she got exactly what she was looking for.


    My client runs a shop on Amazon, but also dabbles in antique silver, clothing patterns, and other home decor finds. She wanted a simple logo that looked like a monogram and would work across any avenue of her business. With the simplicity of typography, I found a font that was both classic and modern that she loved.

    Random Oasis

    My own logo needed to look clean but a bit random, as well as work in any color. The palm tree represents not only the idea of an oasis of freedom in the midst of all the confinements of normalcy, but also my roots of having lived both in California and in Florida.

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    I am constantly on the lookout for new projects. Please contact me to discuss your needs, whether it's a large order, a custom design, or a photo shoot.